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2017 Affiliate Marketing Mainstream


January 20, 2017 - Very Important Date

On that day in January the new President of the United States will begin their first four year term. But there are bigger macro- and micro-economic impacts that are being shaped right now. The S&P 500, The Dow and the Nasdaq are well above their 200 day price averages. The correction is due, a new President is certain and businesses will also be beginning their annual layoffs in December.

What's Your Employment Status?

Are you in a position that can withstand all business down turns? Are you in manufacturing, health care, running your own business, or unemployed? You have an opportunity, be it very short, to get yourself a spot in the online Internet business world.

As stated above, the Presidential Election of 2016 will send the stock markets crashing. The end of year layoffs are coming right around Christmas as they do every year. The markets are too rich and are all due for a correction.

Begin your own business with the Plug-In Profits system and own five money making sites for free. It will be set up and running by tomorrow. Each of the five businesses have all of the training ever devised for Internet marketing and making money online.

I am serious about this system because it really works all you have to do is follow instructions. There is no coding! There is nothing required other than gaining traffic.

Having these systems online now, prior to the November elections, will jump start your online home business and insulate you from what could be a two year downturn. Being in the right place at the right time, puts you in a position to bring on a lot of people who will be looking for ways to shore up their income, savings, and their entire financial house!

Affiliate Marketing Becoming Mainstream

One very important trend that is happening in the job market now is that affiliate systems are becoming mainstream. Many companies utilize the model to get their offerings in front of millions who are online. Look at every strip mall you pass this week. Note that the same type of stores are in each: pizza place, sandwich shop, liquor store, nail salon, beauty salon, resale shop, etc.

They are all the same!

The reason is most retailers and store front type of businesses are going online. You have the potential for the world at your doorstep online. You have the potential of your combined day time and night time census if you have a retail shop in the strip mall.


It takes thousands of dollars to begin a brick and mortar store. It may take a few hundred dollars to begin an online money-making business. I recommend the free Plug-In Profit Site that gets you five businesses going at once and shows you how to stream line your activity to one business and still make money in all five.

So if it is:

  • Free
  • Already set up
  • Easy
  • Fits easily into your current schedule
  • Nothing to do with your day job which could end soon
  • Already making money
Then what is holding you back?